SkiersPRO is initiated by Ski World Cup Athletes
to develop and innovate Alpine ski racing!

Why skiersPRO?

Alpine Ski Athletes established skiersPRO as an international Ski Athletes Association.

We take this action based on certain core principles and to address a crisis in governance at the international and national ski federations that have removed the athlete from the center of sport. For sport to thrive, it must be clean, fair, transparent and the unique nature of athletic careers must be taken into account.
We assert this mandate in the interest of Alpine skiing and the ski athletes.

I think in sports like ski racing it’s foolish to make rules that hinder the evolution of the sport, our capabilities and the entertainment value.

Ted Ligety, Worldcup Skiracer

They (Athletes) change their minds, normally, when they are in the hospital.

FIS president Gian-Franco Kasper speaking with Around the Rings (Irony?)

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The Federation of independent athletes associations representing over 25,000 professional athletes is Europe is releasing his second position paper.
Over the last couple of years EU Athletes has strengthen his presence and work in Brussels directly with the EU Commission and the various EU Expert Groups.
In 2014 during EU Athletes General Assembly in Helsinki (Finland), EU Atheltes members voted to amend the current version of EU Athletes Position Paper published in 2012 in regard of the new challenges faced by elite athletes in Europe.